DIY Home: Sequined Initial Wall Art

I think this craft is so fun and so easy, and it’s really inexpensive, too. This would look really cute in a child’s room, and you could even color-coordinate by purchasing packages of sequins in individual colors.

Here are my instructions. All you need is cardstock in your choice of color, glue (I used Original Tacky Glue in the gold tube, available at any craft store), and sequins. If you’d like, you can download my template HERE. There’s a page for every letter, and you print on 8.5 x 11 paper then trim along my outline to make an 8 x 10 page, suitable for framing. Make sure you print out at 100%.


  1. Print out the letter(s) you want on cardstock. We need to use cardstock because we’re going to use a lot of glue, and cardstock is strong enough to support it. Be sure to print at 100% so that when you trim along the box, you’re left with an 8 x 10 page, which will fit perfectly into a standard 8 x 10 frame.
  2. Now apply the glue. I did a section at a time, starting with the outline (go a smidge outside the lines so that the lines won’t peek through the sequins along the edge) and then filling in.
  3. Next apply the sequins. (I bought a pack at Michael’s for $3 and it’s enough to do 3 of these projects.) I don’t have a technique, per se, but I do have a piece of advice. Try to separate and fluff the sequins in your hand before applying because they tend to “nest” in the package. I sprinkled them onto the glue like I was sprinkling (a lot of) shredded cheese onto a pizza. Pay attention around the edges, as you may need to place a few by hand to cover up the outline of the letter.
  4. Continue to fill in the entire letter, section by section, until complete.
  5. Let dry overnight. I recommend putting something heavy on each corner of the paper, as paper with that much glue tends to curl.
  6. The next morning, hold up to a window, and any spots you’ve missed will become obvious. You can fill those in by hand with individual sequins. Note that when you hold it up, and loose sequins will fall off as well, so you may want to do that in an open space you can vacuum easily. After filling in any bare spaces, allow to dry 24 hours.
  7. Frame and hang! (Note: since this artwork is three-dimensional, look for a frame whose clips may allow for some give.)

This would also make a great baby gift for new parents. If you know the color scheme of the nursery, you could coordinate (you can purchase sequins in individual color packs instead of the big bulk package like I did).


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