DIY Kid Craft: St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow

St Patty Day

I was trying to come up with a craft for my 4-year-old son (whose name is Patrick, coincidentally) for St. Patrick’s Day. Something that would be colorful and educational. As with most crafts I blog about, it’s easy enough for a toddler to do with minimal supervision and you may even already have all the supplies you need.

One of my favorite tricks of the trade is to use paint sample swatches from the home improvement store for crafts. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the paper is nice and heavyweight–great for cutting and gluing. Whenever I’m in Home Depot or Lowe’s, I pick up an assortment of these paper samples in whatever colors attract my eye.

In one of my previous blog posts (CLICK HERE TO READ), I shared my idea of always having some pre-cut 5″x7″ and 8″x10″ pieces of background paper cut and available to your kids. This way, if the create something amazing, it’s already sized for framing.

Here is your supply list:

  • Thick paper cut to 8″x10″
  • Black construction paper
  • Gold glitter glue pen
  • Paint swatch sample cards in the colors of a rainbow
  • Paper punches (I used a 1″ circle punch and 1.25″ flower punch)
  • Gluestick or glue

I cut out a pot and a leprechaun hat from black construction paper and glued them to the page first. It helped my son for me to draw the basic shape of a rainbow on the page. Then, I swiped the glue over the first arch, and he grabbed the yellow punchouts and stuck them on the paper, following the curve (great for color sorting and hand-eye coordination practice). We repeated for each color of the rainbow. He didn’t get the colors in the correct order, but that wasn’t the point–I wanted him to work on sorting colors and following directions. To make the gold coins in the pot, we used gold glitter glue sticks on top of little yellow circles cut from the paint swatch samples. Once the artwork was dry, I framed it and hung it up with my son’s other masterpieces.

Hope you and your kids enjoy this craft as much as we did!


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