DIY Home: Train Table Redo

Train Table Redo
Have an old train table in your house that barely gets any play time? We did! So how about a redo for less than $10? Let me tell you how I did this at my house last weekend.

My son has a KidKraft train table that came with a whole set of tracks. He loved it for about a year, but recently has not played with it so much because he’d rather build his own tracks on the ground than use the pre-made set. So, I was left with this big table taking up space in his toy room for nothing. But the thing he really did like playing with was his airport sets (he has two). The airport sets are rather large, so they used to stay in the closet until requested.

Last weekend I thought about how I could create more space in my son’s toy room to leave the airport sets out (since he plays with them so much). It dawned on me that the top of the train table, while having a specific scene painted on it (see BEFORE picture), is a completely open canvas if you turn the table top over. I went to Home Depot and bought a roll of black “faux leather” contact paper for $8. I know it’s supposed to look like leather, but to me it looked like black pavement, which is exactly the backdrop I needed to create an airport.

I just took the top of the train table off, flipped it over, and covered it completely in the contact paper. Then I put the table top back on, layed down the airport runway poster that came with one of the airports, and put both airport playsets on top. It’s perfect! I think you could also use it as a race track, if you’re confident in your drawing skills (chalk would probably work). Or you could make a racetrack out of yellow Duck Tape. And the best part (besides it costing less than $10) is that it’s still totally usable as the original train table with just a simple flip of the top.


2 thoughts on “DIY Home: Train Table Redo

    • Hi, Leah! Thanks for your question. All the toys were things I had in the house. The airport set (the buildings and the runway mat) was a Christmas gift my son received last year–I think it was from Toys R Us. He never really played with it because it wasn’t comfortable to when it was on the ground. All the airplanes were actually my husband’s toys from when he was little. They’re old school metal diecast planes with stickers! But now that his whole airport is elevated on the table, my son plays with it all the time! The only thing I had to purchase was that “leather” contact paper.

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