DIY Home: Front Door Wreath for Under $10

DIY Front Door Wreath
A simple, versatile front door wreath for less than 10 bucks? Sounds pretty good, right? It’s possible–and it’s easy!

A few weekends ago, we decided that our front porch needed a sprucing up. So we got hanging baskets of flowers, replaced the cushions on the loveseat and chairs for something more colorful, and added complementary throw pillows. Those things are not inexpensive. The finishing touch was a homemade wreath hanging on the door. And it cost me less than $10 to make.

All I needed was a wreath form (I bought mine at Walmart for $7–it’s the flat foam kind and it’s 15″ in diameter, but there are many varieties to choose from) and some scraps of fabric from my stash. I chose four batik-y fabrics and cut them into 1.5″ strips, maybe about 12″ long. There’s a lot of leeway here. Choose whatever fabrics match the season, your house, your personal taste…whatever! Then, all I did was sew the strips, small end to small end, with a quick pass on my sewing machine. You’re essentially making one REALLY long, skinny chain of fabric strips. I made a pattern with my colors because I’m a Type A personality, but it can also be random. Remember to turn your fabric ends right sides together so that when you don’t see the stitching from the front. Doesn’t even need to be perfect stitching because no one will see it. I really guessed at overall length here–it’s based on how large your wreath form is and how tightly you’re going to overlap the fabrics. But don’t despair, if you come up short (and I did), you can sew another chain and then attach it to the last one on your wreath.

Next, I anchored one strip to the wreath form using a couple straight pins from my sewing basket. I anchored it on the back of the form so that it would be hidden. Then I wrapped the fabric around the form, overlapping my fabric about half the width of the strips (personal choice). When I got back to the beginning, I anchored the last piece using one last pin to secure it to the back of the form so no one would see it. Finally, I took a larger piece of one of my fabrics (approximately 2″ x 14″) and fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together. Then I sewed along the edge and pulled it right side out, making a flat tube of fabric. I used this as the hanger (see picture–I just put it on the wreath and folded the top edges into themselves and stitched). I found a suction cup in our junk drawer and attached that to the glass in our front door. This wreath is very light, so it doesn’t need much to hang. You could also use a regular wreath hanger or a Command hook.

That’s it!