A Welcome Note

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you’ll follow my blog to get all kinds of great design ideas and craft projects.

Every year, as Halloween approaches, I begin to think about all the holiday crafts I can make this year. Some will be listed for sale in my online store, some will become Christmas gifts, and some are just for my family. I absolutely love making them, and the creative process is really a relaxation exercise for me as well.

My son, who is now 4, loves arts and crafts as well–and he’s REALLY good at them, too! So, from now until Christmas, in addition to my regular posts, I’ll be posting a number of DIY holiday projects. Many of them are kid-friendly! I’ll include photos and instructions, and what my inspiration was. I’ll also post all of these to the carolyncrowndesigns Facebook and Pinterest pages as well.

First up, a DIY home improvement project. Stay tuned!