DIY Holiday: Christmas Ornaments (Part 2)

christmas carol ornament
Here’s an idea for a simple and unique (albeit a bit time-consuming) Christmas ornament that you can make yourself with only a few supplies.

I’d seen this idea on Pinterest as a “kissing ball”, but with plain white paper and yellow pins. I thought it would make a beautiful Christmas ornament instead with a few tweaks. Here’s what you need:

  • Styrofoam ball from the craft store (about the size of a baseball)
  • Sheet music of your favorite Christmas carol (I just printed this out from my computer)
  • Flower-shaped paper punch (I had to purchase that at Michael’s specifically for this project)
  • Straight pins with colored heads (bought on Amazon, but I’m sure you could find them at your local fabric store)
  • Flower-shaped sequins (optional–found mine at Michael’s)
  • Ribbon (to make the hanger)
  • Glue

First, punch out a bunch of flowers from the sheets. Then, thread onto a needle one sequin and then one paper flower. Dip the tip of the pin in glue and insert into the styrofoam ball. Continue until you the entire ornament is covered, being careful to space out all the colors. When you’re done, you’ll need to add a hanger. I used some Christmas ribbon from my stash and connected the ends by overlapping (see photo). Then, I dipped a pin in glue and anchored it that way.

That’s it! These do take a bit of time, but I think the end result is beautiful!